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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A roundup of the random, extraordinary, and mundane things that put a smile on my face this week…

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix—October 1st.  Mark this date people.  The day has finally arrived; a day I have been waiting for since I binge watched the Creek oh so many summers ago (team Pacey forever).  My Friday nights are starting to look up.  

       It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn—or feel like it at least.  My walks to work this week have been brisk to say the least, and have warranted a jacket on more than one occasion.  Bring on the pumpkin flavored everything…the best season of the year is upon us.

Mandy Moore circa 2004—One wild Friday night in spent watching Chasing Liberty and drinking Yuengling.  Ahh...the joys of adulthood.  There’s nothing I love more than a romantic comedy from the early 2000s

Finally ordering what may be the most perfect shoe—The ultimate combination between function, comfort, and all around gorgeousness.  Welcome to the family (in 5-7 business days).

This moment—Whether you’re a fan of the Yankees, a fan of baseball, or a fan of perfect endings, this moment made you smile.  Or if you are a fan of all three like myself, it made you cry for a solid five minutes.

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