The Bits & Bobs

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A roundup of the random, extraordinary, and mundane things that put a smile on my face this week…

The Walking Dead is back---tonight is the night we have all been patiently waiting for.  I know where I will be at 9:00 with my popcorn and my husband.  

Old Navy is stepping up their game--I casually popped into the store with my mom last weekend, and was completely shocked at their selection.  I left with several items, many of which I have worn and even been complimented on.  Well done Old Navy, I salute you.

Ed Sheeran dancing in this video--Does this even need an explanation?  The perfect video for the perfect song.  The boy has got moves.

I cannot stop listening to Miracle Mile--Not a new song or even a new discovery.  However, I heard this on the radio last weekend while running some errands, and it has pretty much been on repeat every since. Come up for air, come up for air, come up......

Tresemme Keratin Smooth treatment---gave this a try last week after realizing that my hair very closely resembled hay that had been glued to someone's scalp.  I feel like I noticed a difference, as there seemed to be a distinct lack of frizz protruding out of my head.  I shall test this again and see if it can do the trick two weeks in a row.

September Favorites

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  It is so surreal to think that, at the start of this month, I was happily exploring the streets of Dublin.  Since then, I have ate, drank, watched, listened to, and applied.  Here is the best of the best.  

Benefit's Gimme Brow: Gotta love a product that does what it says on the label.  What's so great about this product is how easy it is to apply.  The small applicator makes this completely full proof, especially for a brow product newbie like myself.  A few quick swipes on the brows, and just like that, Cara Delevingne.  Well, not quite, but I’ll take what I can get.

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga: I am a mascara junkie.  I just can’t get enough.  I love experimenting with new drugstore mascaras on the regular.  This one found it’s way into my makeup bag in the middle of August, and has been a staple ever since.  Volume, length, minimal clumping, basically everything a girl could ask for in a mascara.  

Burjois Cream Blush in shade 01: I picked up this beauty on one of many trips to Boots during my time in Ireland.  This is my first foray into cream blush and I have been absolutely loving it.  It gives such a subtle flush of color on the cheeks.  Perfect for everyday use.  

Soap & Glory Solar PowderAnother Boots acquisition.  I have used this product every single day since purchasing it.  It is honestly the perfect bronzer.  It has two shades of varying darkness, to be used either separately or together.  I have been swirling my brush in both daily for the perfect hint of bronze.  

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Ok, I know I am late to jump on the Naked bandwagon (obviously talking eye shadow here people).  Only now do I realize how much I was missing out.  This is honestly the only eye shadow palette you would ever need.  It has every neutral shade imaginable and can create such a diverse array of looks.  I typically do not wear eye shadow on a daily basis, but have found myself reaching for this palette during my morning routine.  Totally worth the investment.

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow in fuller fudge:  I just love this.  It is the perfect product for easily transitioning your makeup look from day to night.  I recently threw this on my lids before a dinner out with my team from work.  It adds a little something extra to your look, without being too over the top. 

Burjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder:  Yet another Boots purchase (I told you was obsessed).  This is just such a great product.  Not at all cakey and leaves the skin looking natural and shine free.  And there is a mirror in the compact.  I’m hooked.

This Is Where I Leave You: I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago after my friend received a few free tickets to an early showing.  I went in barely knowing the plot line and was so happy I did.  I came, I saw, I laughed, I cried, I consumed large quantities of Sour Patch Kids.  Just such a good movie that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

El ReyI don’t know what it is about this place.  It's definitely not the most attractive place on the block.  But what awaits inside is incredible.  I’m sure my recent obsession with Mexican food has something to do with my love for this place (chips, guac, and margaritas?  Yes please.)  My husband and I ate her last weekend and had such an incredible meal.  I’m sure we will be back again soon.  Maybe tonight.  

Ed Sheeran:  I don’t know if this qualifies as a monthly favorite, considering I have loved Ed Sheeran since I first watched this version of Lego House three years ago.  I would call this more of a monthly “reignited obsession”.  I was lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran live earlier this month.  He never fails to blow me away with his sheer talent.  Still one of the best live performers you will ever see.


Now…time to start brainstorming a three-person Halloween costume.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.